Part 2 of my thoughts on the Second Amendment.

I had an idea on where this was going to go, and it’s going in a completely different direction now, and I do apologize. This will be a three-parter.

Tuesday afternoon, The Well Armed Woman announced that their Instagram had been disabled and one of their FaceBook posts was taken down.

I just logged onto FaceBook for a quick check-in. These days, I’m more on MeWe anyway. I follow Carrie Lightfoot, who created TWAW, and saw that she had a post regarding her anger at the TWAW Instagram being disabled and one of the TWAW FaceBook posts getting taken down. In today’s day and age, I cannot say that I am surprised. This past spring, Illinois Gun Owners Together had their group shut down for a bit by the powers that be at FaceBook, and I know many people who are outspoken in their conservative values who have been “Zuck-ed,” suspended, for various lengths of time.

When this happens, most people, myself included, start shouting about the First Amendment and Freedom of Speech. Yes, a right to free speech is being denied, but FaceBook is a private entity, and can make its own determinations as to what is and is not allowed on their site. That being said, if they are accepting government funds, I believe there is a grey area, and they are treading a fine line at limiting one’s right to free speech. What is more concerning to me is the fact that there are so many people and companies that are being silenced.

Something I have always loved about the US is the fact that we as individuals have differing viewpoints, and we can express them however we see fit. I may not agree with or accept your views, but that is the beauty of it, we have our own views and go on. The last few years, it has become unacceptable to have differing viewpoints, with everyone trying to force theirs on the remainder of society. This is not ok, and is only further dividing an already divided country. When citizens are denied their right to voice a differing opinion, when their outlets for sharing those opinions are closed off, when people live in fear of speaking out because they don’t know what reaction they will get, this is not a free society. We are going down a dangerous path these days, and I am scared to see where it will end.

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  1. And I applaud you for being educated on your topics of choice, and for speaking your truths. I keep my mouth shut on most controversial topics, and try to keep my head down for a host of reasons. But I too dislike the silencing of those who hold opinions that have been deemed “wrong” by one side or the other.

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