I came across an article on Zero Hedge the other day, on San Francisco’s Board of Supervisor’s decision to rename convicted felons. This board has decided that instead of these individual’s records showing their felon status, going forward they will be called “justice-involved persons” or “formerly incarcerated.”

Now, formerly incarcerated, I get; it is the truth, as they are not currently incarcerated. But really, what the heck is a justice-involved person? Is this someone who was stopped by a police officer for some minor traffic incident and was let go with a citation? That is where my mind goes, not to a convicted felon.

I do believe that our justice system has serious flaws, and needs a complete re-work. However, to be re-branding those who have gone through the system should not be a thing.

“Under the city’s new “person first” language guidelines, the words “felon,” “convict,” “addict,” “offender,” and “juvenile delinquent” are no-no’s. Instead, those who have paid their debt to society will be referred to as a “returning resident.” Those on parole will be known as ‘persons under supervision.’
And a juvenile “delinquent” will now be known as a “young person with justice system involvement,” or a “young person impacted by the juvenile justice system,” according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Drug addicts are now “a person with a history of substance abuse.” “

I am just so confused here. Offender and Addict are off the list, as is Juvenile Delinquent? Where do these new terms of “returning resident” or “young person with justice system involvement” come from? These terms truly make no sense.

I guess, in today’s day and age where you can choose which gender you are, you can identify as “zim,” “ze,” etc., people argue there is more than one gender but say that men and women need to be equal in every way, we can just start calling anyone what we want. I take that back, we can call them anything but what they really are.

My real question is “Where does this end?” At what point do we stand up and say “Enough is enough!” We already have had the feminist movement, and are currently in a war on men (“toxic masculinity,” anyone?), and girls are now accepted in the Boy Scouts. I have a son, and this war on words, descriptive words to be precise, scares me to death when I think of the world I am bringing up in. Will he question everything I teach him, because I use one phrasing over another? Will he be confused at this ever-changing language? I know I sure am confused. Sometimes I think it is best that I just stay silent, so I don’t “mis-speak” and potentially ignite a battle I just don’t have the energy to fight.

When we can just change language around, and make it almost criminal to keep referring to what was previously ok, we find that we impede individual liberties. When people are afraid to speak up for this situation, will they speak up when something truly affects them?

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