One thing I inherited from my grandmother is a love of slippers. Growing up, she would always yell at me to put something on my feet, as I preferred to be barefoot running around. Now that I’m older, my feet are always cold, so as much as I would love to be barefoot, I need something on them, and socks just don’t cut it (they dig into my ankles too much). That being said, while I prefer to be barefoot, I am not a fan of the more structured slippers with soles. I had a pair for over 10 years that I finally tossed after this past winter; they just completely fell apart, and they were starting to smell. My issue is that all the similar slippers to what I used to have are now full of fur and that plush crap, and I just cannot stand the feeling of it.

My go-to house shoes are moccasins, just some thin ones, like these from Minnetonka. These are another pair of slipper I tossed out earlier this summer after about 15 years of wear. They were just falling apart. I have a new pair on my “to-buy” list on Amazon – they will be arriving at some point this fall. Why do I like these? They are thin, so I can feel the ground under my feet. After many repeat wears, they form to your feet. I get the foot conformity by going outside after it rains, and the ground is wet. The bottoms of the moccasins get all wet and will form right to the contours of your feet. Repeat this several times, and you’ve got some AMAZINGLY comfortable moccasins with a bit of a soft sole (it’s amazing what the water does to the hide).

Anyway, as our purse strings are currently closed, I decided to use what is on hand – there is a lot of yarn about. Plus, I’ve had several crocheted slippers saved to my Pinterest board, so I figured now is as good a time as ever to pull together a quick pair. Now, I have never crocheted slippers for an adult before; I did a quick pair the night before Little Man was born to match a sweater, hat, and blanket my grandmother had knitted for me. I was intimidated, but figured this pattern would not be too hard. Plus, Gramma used to always knit slippers for me; I just never got the chance to learn how.

I chose to make these Sunday Ballet Slippers, which I found from Heart Hook Home. I’ve had this pattern s aved for a while now, and they looked super cute, the one crochet hook I have with me is the correct size, and they don’t require any buttons or leather soles. I have another pair that I cannot wait to make, but they require buttons and soles, and I just don’t have the focus or energy to do something that complicated now. I have to say, these came together so quickly! I started them Thursday evening, and just got a few rows done before Little Man started climbing all over me and it was time for bed. I finished the first slipper during Friday’s nap, and got the second one half done. The second slipper was completed during Saturday’s nap, and then all I had to do was stitch the backs up and weave in the ends.

As my one girlfriend would say, these are “Amish,” in that the left one is slightly too big. Later this afternoon I’ll grab my yarn and just stitch up the center of the back on that one to make it a bit tighter. I am really loving these slippers, because they keep my toes warm, yet give me the chance to feel the ground beneath my feel. They are a bit slippy on my in-laws’ wood floors, so I may end up putting on a small leather sole, just to get some extra grip, but other than that, I have no complaints. I like the yarn that I used, but my OCD brain is having a hard time with the fact that they are NOT identically coloured. I think I may make these again in a grey or black, and then add some soles. There is a chunky yarn and a kid-sized pattern for these, as well, so if you want to make some “mummy-and-me” matching slippers, you can totally do it!

If you’re looking for a quick and easy slipper pattern that comes together in a few hours (you could easily make these in an afternoon, or while watching a movie), definitely try these ballet slippers out. I’ll be sharing some more crochet patterns on here as I make them; keep an eye out for my go-to baby blanket pattern.

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