A good friend of mine sent me this article today, and I have to say, the author does such a great job articulating why it is that my family prepares for an unknown event. He uses math (MATH! I know!!!) to explain why preppers, specifically the gun preppers, are right for what they are doing. Mathematically, we are more likely to have some form of uprising or war in our lifetimes than even a catastrophic flood. I won’t go into the details here, you can read the article for the exact math used by the author to come up with his premise.

I have gotten a lot of eyerolls and funny looks when it comes out that I prepare for different situations. Most recently, I was at a leadership training, and the books and workbooks we received were in these resealable mylar bags. I saw mine and immediately thought “This would be GREAT for my car first aid kit. If I need to, I can split the bag in two and use it to cover a sucking chest wound.” One of the women sitting at my table asked why I was so interested in the bag, and I just mentioned that I could use it to better organize my first aid kit; the rest of my table gave me their bags. Some other attendees overheard me, and they gave me their bags as well. Two of my girlfriends who were attending with me just shook their heads, as they handed me their bags, and I got some funny looks from others. I had a few women ask me why I would think about making a first aid kit, and I told them that I always like to have a basic first aid kit with me, because you never know when you will need a bandaid or ace bandage. I have a mini trauma kit that I used to have in my work backpack, and I had to break it open one day for the ice pack, gauze, and gloves when a co-worker got a major bloody nose (I also learned that day that there are a lot of people out there who do not know how to treat a bloody nose). I have used several of the bags I got to make a few car kits; 2 first aid kits and 2 emergency kits (flares are included in those), and I have several more to make for my family’s bug out bags.

Yes, we have bug out bags. They are not packed at the moment, as we are in the middle of a seasonal transition, but we have them. Squatch has a 3-day bag, as does Little Man. In the past, I have shared a BOB with Little Man, but as he gets bigger, it is time to make a separate bag for him and me. Our BOBs have basic first aid supplies (bandaids, gauze, neosporine, alcohol wipes), shirt, pants, 2 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of underoos, bar of soap, hand towel, lifestraw (Amazon had a great deal on these this past Prime Day), light blanket, protein bars. Little Man gets diapers and wipes added to his bag, along with some pouch foods (these are rotated out each month). With winter coming up, some of those little hand heater packs will go in, along with gloves, hat, scarf, and a thin sweater or jacket.

We have emergency car kits, too, in a backpack and crate in each car. Our main trauma kit is rotated from car to car, depending on which we are all driving in. The crates hold a container of kitty litter, machete, and avalanche shovel, as well as the backpack. In each backpack, we have a blanket, basic first aid supplies, flares, glow sticks, hand heater packs, fire starters, a flashlight, and fix-a-flat. I have to pull these out shortly to go through them again, and see if there is anything we may be missing.

Yes, there are some redundancies in between all of our bags, but, as Jack Spirko always says, “Two is one, one is none, and none is dead.” I would rather have a backup flashlight than one that is dead. For first aid/trauma supplies, the more choices I have, the better I can do to help someone out, and the more people I can help, should I have to.

You see, I am not preparing for the zombie apocalypse, or a civil war. I am preparing should we get into an accident and be stuck on the side of the road during winter, or if there is a wildfire and I have to be out of the house in under 15 minutes. I want to be able to grab our bags, throw them in the car, get the firearms, pull a cooler with Little Man’s milk and some bottles of water, buckle Little Man into the car, and just go. Life happens, and we do not want to be taken unaware, we want to be able to survive.

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