Strong Women

Last week, I was introduced to Politico’s Women Rule podcast, as a friend of mine was interviewed. (Check out Jamie Jones Miller discussing her super power on the show!) From their website, “Women Rule expands leadership opportunities for women at all levels of their careers…[and] seek[s] to create opportunities for women to advance their leadership skills, knowledge and network.” This is right up my alley! I’ve started listening to back episodes of the podcast, and while driving home from the library with Little Man this morning, I was listening to the episode with Rebecca Schuller, where she discussed the superPAC Winning for Women and getting conservative women involved in politics.

Listening to these two episodes, I realized that I do keep doubting myself and my abilities to get stuff done. Prime example: for the past few years, I have realized that I would like to serve on the National Council of my sorority, but I keep finding reasons not to do it. Last week, the incumbent report came out in preparation for next year’s Convention, and there will not be any openings for new blood to sit on Council. I reached out to two of my sisters, mentioning that I was contemplating throwing my hat in the ring, and wanted their feedback. They both fully support me, but one did point out that there were no alumnae Vice President openings. I also plan on having baby number 2 in the next few years, so that could potentially affect my ability to fully serve the organization. However, after talking with another sister yesterday who has served, I am resolute in applying.

During her interview, Jamie mentioned that for most women, it takes several times of them being asked to step up and run for office or to try a new job. I have not been asked to run for Council, but I know that I have the skills needed as well as a different view of the organization as a whole from those who are currently serving and those who have served in the past. Also, as an organization that focuses on empowering women, to have a Council member with a young child, potentially two, that is an inspiration to these collegiate members. When I went to the leadership weekend last month, I reached out to the sorority’s executive director, letting him know that I am still breastfeeding and would need to take some time to pump, and I would do it in the back of the room if needed. While we were there, I was speaking to him, asking if he was uncomfortable with my request, and he said he works for a women’s organization, that there is no reason for our members to be scared or ashamed of what we need. I brought up potentially having a pump room at our upcoming Convention, and he said there are organizations out there who would gladly sponsor and set up a room, we just need the people there to use it. Thinking back to this conversation, if I were to be running with a little one, or if I were to be at Convention with a newborn, having to breastfeed during the business sessions, that would bring a whole new angle to the empowerment of women.

Maybe one day I will run for local office; I have not yet ruled it out, but having just moved, I will need to get to see how things are up here. We may not even settle down in this area for good. Keep an eye out here; maybe I’ll throw my hat in the ring for President of the United States one day.

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