Orange Man Bad!

This is all I ever hear from the television anymore. Granted, it is not my choice of news to listen to, but it is just one singular source of news, and it is always the same thing. Orange Man Bad! Impeach! Orange Man Tweet! Impeach! It is a vicious cycle, and it is never-ending. From the time we wake up, until I take Little Man downstairs, the television is tuned into MSNBC (when there are no other shows to catch up on), and the mouthpieces just spew soundbites of what is going on in “the world.” Unfortunately, this world of news is solely focused on President Trump, and how he is going to be impeached, as a result of the “impeachment inquiry.” There is never anything new; all day it is the same thing hour after hour, unless there happens to be a tweet by the Orange Man that will give a panel something to drone on about for half an hour.

I’ve said it before – I do not like sticking to one news source. I like to shop around, see what everyone is saying, ignore their obvious slants, and pull together the true story, based on the common theme. I do this for my own sanity, and to ensure I keep an open mind. When there is just one slant of the news, especially from just one source, it makes people a bit manic. On any given day, I will turn to ZeroHedge, MSNBC, CNN, Fox, ABC, and BBC to see what is happening. I look for global, national, and local news; the latter being the most important to me.

Yes, there is stuff going on abroad (Syria comes to mind, but that has absolutely nothing to do with me, and I do not believe that as a country, we should be involved in their affairs), but it is just a blip on my radar; if something big happens, yes, there will be a trickle-down effect and it will come to my attention, but I also like to see general themes to get an idea of whether or not there is instability on the horizon for me here at home.

Nationally, the main focus is this “impeachment inquiry” into the President, and again, it has nothing to with me; it is all a show, a media circus, and is keeping a good portion of the country rabid and pissed off at the rest of us Americans (repeat after me, “Orange Man Bad!”). Yeah, there is a presidential election next year, and most likely, Trump is going to win. He will get the Republican nomination, unless some other miracle conservative comes up to run against him (Joe Walsh, my man, you have no skin in this game). The Democrats are reminding me of the Republicans in the lead-up to 2016 – a shit-ton of people throwing their hats in the ring, no clear-cut front-runner, everyone playing to their specific base, and then there is Bernie “Free Stuff For All” Sanders, sorry dude, but I’m not paying more taxes to pay for all of your “free” stuff you keep promising (healthcare and college? Those are privileges, not rights, and a topic for another day).

Local news, now that I can sink my teeth into. I found out that yesterday, the Wisconsin State Senate apparently had quite a busy day, passing bills allowing e-bikes and childhood lemonade stands (why is it a thing that it is illegal for a kid to run a damn lemonade stand anyway?), making bestiality a felony (I guess this was ok to do until now), and forcing state, municipality, and college police departments to continue paying health insurance premiums for immediate survivors of officers and emergency medical workers killed in the line of duty. This is where the laws are made that are going to affect me on a daily basis, well, none of the bills I mentioned here (although the lemonade stand may come into play when Little Man is bigger). Back in Illinois, I was active in following the legislature, keeping an eye on bills affecting my right to make an informed choice regarding my family’s health and their care, second amendment rights, and taxes in general (all three reasons we left that darn state). I was contacting my state rep and senator weekly, letting them know my thoughts on what was coming across their desks, or to the committees they sat on. The best part about contacting state congressmen? They actually get back to you with a personal letter that is not a template rubber stamped by an intern. You also let them know just what it is their constituents care about.

One day, I may get involved in local politics, with either the city or township, but that is still far off the future. I’m going to start picking up the local newspaper when I’m in town – you have to subscribe in order to read it online, and I just prefer holding a physical newspaper in my hands. Just like reading a book, there is something about feeling what you are reading, and the weight changing as you flip through the pages.

But anyway, when it comes to the news, yes, it is good to know what is happening at a national and global level, but none of it truly affects us. Keep an eye out, scan the headlines, and go to multiple sources, with different biases and angles, to determine what is actually going on in the world. You will most likely have your eyes open to some more occurrences that are being hidden or glossed over due to the focus on the President. And please, get involved locally – follow your state legislature to see what they are working on. This is where you can, and will, make the biggest difference in your life, as the state laws do have a direct impact into your way of life.

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