Nature, Nature, Everywhere

I realize I have written a lot about getting outside, and what we have been doing out there. I will not stop! It is so important to get outside, for your mental and physical health. Have you heard about grounding? If not, Google it, and then come back here. It is so incredibly powerful. When [...]

Hearts…Hearts Everywhere!

We're really getting into the hearts in the windows mode here. Little Man is absolutely loving our colouring sessions after breakfast. Today he did not colour very long, but his paper got cut into a heart, and it is now in our bedroom window. They are not very easy to see from the road, but [...]

I May be Crazy

I've been working with Little Man, preparing him for potty training, for a while now. Back in January, we had a successful trip to the potty, but none since. Being stuck at home thanks to social distancing, I decided to start potty training...this morning. I got out yesterday evening after a trail ride to run [...]

What a Difference a Day Makes

Yesterday was rough, oh so rough. By the time we got ready to make dinner, the weather cleared up, so Little Man and I got the chance to go out for a short walk before the rain started up again. The immediate difference in both of our demeanors was noted, and we were both all [...]

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