I am getting ready to start potty training Little Man. Most people look at me like I'm nuts, because he is only 16 months old. Well, I actually planned on doing it over the summer, but it was not the right time. I have been doing so much research into this, even though I was [...]


I’ve Got Skills…

It seems to me that when it comes to skills, people either severely overestimate or underestimate the skills they have. I'm counting skills in baking, cooking, using tools, electrical, etc. There are a lot of areas where people are lacking skills they should have. The issue is that a lot of people don't realize they [...]

Strong Women

Last week, I was introduced to Politico's Women Rule podcast, as a friend of mine was interviewed. (Check out Jamie Jones Miller discussing her super power on the show!) From their website, "Women Rule expands leadership opportunities for women at all levels of their careers...[and] seek[s] to create opportunities for women to advance their leadership [...]

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