We are expecting a MAJOR snowstorm to hit tomorrow night through Saturday, so this morning I ran into town while Granma, Granpa, and Squatch looked after Little Man. It was so refreshing to get out and about on my own without the little guy; I have not done anything solo since I was back in [...]


This past week has been exhausting. I had grand plans to kick out a second blog post last week, but Little Man was extra clingy, and napped on top of me, so I was just not able to get my "me-time" and write anything. I cannot believe he is going to be 20 months old [...]

Seek Feedback

November through January, I am working on Self Awareness on my Emotional Intelligence journey. This month, my strategy is "Seek Feedback." According to TalentSmart, for this strategy, I need to take a trusted friend to lunch to learn how I handle emotions in different situations, ask for examples, and create a list of my emotional [...]

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