What is liberty? I know, I could go the "Webster's says that liberty is defined as..." but that is not where I want this to go. For me, and my family, liberty is being able to do what we want, how we want to do it, when we want. It is financial freedom (debt free [...]


New Chapters

Hellooooo, Wisconsin!!! Saturday, Squatch, Little Man, and I braved a 5.5 hour drive up to the wild northwest of Wisconsin. Squatch had his car loaded down for bear, and I had Little Man with the few remaining things with me. I will admit - I was extremely nervous about driving so far and long with [...]

Language and Liberty

I came across an article on Zero Hedge the other day, on San Francisco's Board of Supervisor's decision to rename convicted felons. This board has decided that instead of these individual's records showing their felon status, going forward they will be called "justice-involved persons" or "formerly incarcerated." Now, formerly incarcerated, I get; it is the [...]

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