I’m a fan of punches. They bring me back to the parties my mother used to have when I was a kid and there was always a punch. I LOVED pulling out her glass punch bowl, hanging the cups around the edge, and setting it up just so on the buffet. We always had a sherbert ring to keep it cold as well. Here’s my grown-up Christmas take on the punch!


  • 1 Can Pineapple-Orange Concentrate
  • 1 Can Cranberry-Raspberry Concentrate
  • 2 Bottles Ginger Ale
  • Vodka (Optional)

  1. Thaw the two cans of concentrate
  2. Pour into a large pitcher (can split between two pitchers as well, but you may need additional ginger ale)
  3. Pour ginger ale into pitcher and stir well
  4. Serve cold

You don’t have to add the vodka; I’m a fan of making my punches virgin, with the alcohol on the side for each person to add as they like. This way, you don’t turn off anyone who does not drink. For this recipe, I made two smaller pitchers and split everything between the two. For vodka, I started with 1/8 cup, and ended up increasing it to 1 cup per pitcher. My FIL added some maraschino cherries to his glass, and some of the juice as well. I have to say, it was mighty tasty that way, but it also made the drink extra sweet, and I like a bit of bitterness to my grown-up punches.

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