It’s November! That means it is time for NaNoWriMo 2020, and I’m super excited. I did my writing on the 1st: 1,823 words done out of 50,000. Hooray!!! I’ve still a ways to go, but that’s how this goes. Take it day by day, and I’ll have 50,000 words in no time at all. Last […]

Isolation Parties

This morning, we enjoyed breakfast while watching my cousin in England live-streaming his “Family Rave.” He’s a DJ, and has a great business doing family-friendly raves in the London are. With the whole lockdown going on, his monthly events have been cancelled. What did he decide to do? He’s doing them for free, live-streaming them […]

I May be Crazy

I’ve been working with Little Man, preparing him for potty training, for a while now. Back in January, we had a successful trip to the potty, but none since. Being stuck at home thanks to social distancing, I decided to start potty training…this morning. I got out yesterday evening after a trail ride to run […]

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