Where’s the Beef?!

So, yesterday I mentioned that we are looking into splitting a beef with MIL’s sister. I spent some time last night looking up local farms and researching the process to order a whole beef. My aunt raises cattle, so I reached out to my cousin to get some background info on weights, processing fees, and […]

A Special One for the Ladies Out There

Ladies, we’re going to get real here. We need to talk about menstruation, and our preparedness for it. It pains me to say it, but there are a lot of us out there that are completely unprepared for the regular visit of Aunt Flo, and it just blows my mind. When I was at WalMart […]

The End is Nigh!!!

Nah…it’s not. But I’m telling you, that’s what it feels like on social media and the news. I am so sick and tired of everyone freaking out and major panicking. I’ve started on MeWe to use the hashtag #AntiVirus on my daily updates. These bring some levity to the entire situation, and just give a […]

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